Crisis Management Vs Jugaad Management

Is Crisis Management and Jugaad Management same?
Is Jugaad Management part of Crisis Management?

For both questions above my answer is a “No”. Let me start explaining with Crisis Management, its a response to an incident which has already occurred. Wikipedia says that Crisis Management is an attempt to manage crisis that has already occurred. It can sometime be referred as an attempt to avoid any crisis. But, most of time it is used only when an incident has been occurred that means there is no control on the incident.

Now lets me explain what is Jugaad, its actually a work around to avoid any untoward incident. Even if the incident has been occurred Jugaad helps in minimizing loss. Whatever resources are available its a best solution, which is most of the times an out of the box solution or doing something in a totally different way. This means that it can be used before any incident which we know is about to come & even if the incident has been occurred.

Therefore, Crisis Management is generally after the occurrence of any incident where as Jugaad is for both before or after the incident. So, I can say that Jugaad is better than Crisis Management.

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I am very closely associated with the term "Jugaad". Natively being from a place where this term is widely used, I never gave too much importance to it. But then I realised the actual potential of "Jugaad". Keep commenting on my posts.

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